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My name is Tracey I'm based in Norwich, Norfolk and Freelance as a Make-up Artist.

In May 2010 I was voted the winner of Eventdog's Make-up Artist of The Year competition and my creations have featured in publications such as The Evening News PaperHair Now and Perfect Hair Magazine's.

Make-up has played a huge role in my life, not just by wearing it myself but by using it to enhance others appearances and to make them look and feel great especially on their wedding day. I cover all aspects of make-up from Advertising, Fashion, Catwalk, TV and Film but my specialty is Bridal Make-up.

Below I have included some frequently asked questions along with details about myself so that you can get an understanding of my passion for make-up and when it first began.

Did you always long to be a Make-up Artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?
I always knew I wanted to do something involving the arts. My family appreciate arts and crafts and my grandfather was a painter, I knew I had his talents and felt drawn to the fashion industry as I have a keen interest in clothes, shoes and trends.
I remember from a very early age going to other children’s birthday parties taking with me my face painting set and making the other children’s faces over from butterflies to tigers.
I later went on from painting portraits on canvas in art class to making over my friends and family for evenings out it is always a pleasure to see the way people feel after a touch of Make-up I was twenty when a friend suggested I should do make-up for a living I was always making over friends for nights out and thought it time I make some money out of my talent.

Did you have any formal Make-up training?
Yes, but I never went to a school for makeup. I did look into makeup schools, but decided against that route of training. I was more interested in the beauty and editorial side of the makeup industry. I think schools are great for people with no artistic background, or people interested in special effects makeup, TV or film makeup. That's not where my focus is in makeup as I didn't feel the need to learn how to make someone bald, older, or scraped up. I do however carry GRIMAS fake blood and Dermawax just encase I get to be a bit more creative.
I completed the Edexcel – BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Designing and Applying Make-up. This gave me the foundations and procedures to setting up as a freelance Make-up Artist.
After my home study course I wanted to gain a more hands on experience and decided to book myself onto the one week intensive make-up course with celebrity Make-up Artists and beauty writers Nicola and Samantha Chapman of FASHION FACE.tv this was such an amazing course and really gave me great product awareness, application techniques and the knowledge of how of how to break into the industry.

When did your freelance makeup career begin?
As a teen I had flicked though make-up books, practiced on my friends but it wasn’t until my early twenties after I finished the FASHION FACE.tv Make-up course in July 2009 when I set up ‘Vivid Make-up Design’ and became freelance I was in at the deep end testing with local photographers, assisting with fashion shows and taking bridal make-up bookings. I was worried that working in a small city there would be no work but I couldn’t be more wrong, I have met some fantastic people within the industry and enjoy attending networking events and have enjoyed some fantastic working opportunities.

What is your advice to budding Make-up Artists?
I felt I was too old to give up my financial support from my full time job and the point I was at in my life I couldn’t have gone to study full time at a school of make-up so if you know make-up is what you want to do I would recommend you study young and go to a school of make-up. If you do not have much experience a year course such as those offered at The College of Fashion in London is a great course to get on. Alternatively there are courses which are run from a few days to a few weeks, check out the Academy of Freelance Makeup - AOFM or Greasepaint both based in London.
Make-up is a hard industry to break into so I recommend you contact a local Make-up Artist, beauty salon or a photographer who work with Make-up Artists and ask to assist established Make-up Artists this way you will get such valuable working experience and will see just how to approach a photo shoot or a bridal client.
Finally: Practice, practice, and practice! Get your friends over to the house and do their makeup. Look in magazines, see what you love, and see what you hate. Practice a new technique, that's the only way you're going to learn and get experience. To find out more on 'How to Become a Make-up Artist' visit my page 'Become a Make-up Artist'.

What is your daily routine as a freelance Make-up Artist going on a fashion/editorial job?
A typical day usually starts the night before as I am very passionate about my kit and the night before a job I shampoo and condition my brushes. The following day, I do a final check, making sure I have every last supply necessary. From tweezers to tissue and see that everything is in its place! I go to the location, wherever that might be. I introduce myself to every last person so I know whom I'm working with. I find out who's who, and who's in charge. Sometimes on these sets there are many chefs in the kitchen and you have to make sure you're answering to the right person. A normal shoot day might last six hours but has gone on for eight!

If we took a peek in your make-up bag what would we see?
My make-up bag is small, I like make-up but I don’t wear much myself. My day time make-up is simple with Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation, MAC Select Cover Concealer, MAC Blot Powder, Chanel Bronze Universal, Jemma Kidd crème Blush, Bobbi Brown basics Eye Shadow Pallet, Carmex lip balm, Maybelline Extreme Lash Mascara and to create a foxy cat eye I use Chanel liquid eye liner.

What sets you apart from other Make-up Artists? Why would I want you to give me a makeover?
My focus with makeup is to enhance someone's face in a way they have never seen before. I don't like to accessorise people. I like to enhance them. I like makeup that makes sense! I like to bring out someone's real personality with makeup. That is my favourite part. I want my clients to feel ten times more beautiful. I love people to look in the mirror and say "oh my god, I have never seen myself look like this before." That to me is the ultimate high.
You would want me to give you a makeover because I would make you feel good! I appreciate beauty, that's why I'm in this business. People have something incredibly beautiful about themselves that they might not acknowledge. It is my job to let them know what that is. I think what you would benefit from by sitting in my chair is a lot of honesty and positive feedback. I also love to teach and educate. I don't want people to feel like they have to continue coming back to me over and over again. I want to teach them the basic tools and knowledge to do it themselves.

What are you working on right now?
I am currently working with photographers and models by creating various designs and styles to reflect my creative mind and enthusiasm for various styles and trends. Please visit the 'What's News' page for more details on what I am working on and events which I will be involved in.

Who or What Inspires You?
I adore the 30s, 40s and 50s style of make-up, burlesque and retro celebrity beauty icons such as Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, Audrey Hepburn and leading Make-up Artist Lisa Eldridge have inspired me to re-create looks which can be adapted to suit anybody’s features and age range. From Audrey’s trademark eye liner, Madonna's curly locks, pale complexion and vibrant lips I adore the sense of fashion, make-up and inner beauty which will always remain understated yet fashionable. Make-up is ever changing as are the products and tools which are available to help make you feel like the star you are!

What is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you have had as a freelance artist?
There have been several exciting and challenging jobs I have faced within make-up but the most exciting opportunity I have experienced was taking part in the Eventdog Make-up Artist of The Year 2010 competition. Ten artists were chosen to take part in the event after submitting a futuristic entry and everyone and I mean everyone had such fantastic ideas and the application was astounding! I didn't expect to even make the final three and was shell-shocked to have been voted the winner.